Houston dad stops bullying by treating his son’s bully like a son

Millions of kids are bullied everyday. Someone picks on a kid because he’s smaller or perceived to be weaker. Others get picked on because they don’t have the latest clothes, shoes, or even a home to go to.

Bullies are often the victims of bullying themselves. Vulnerable kids pick on more vulnerable kids who pick on the most vulnerable kids. It’s a vicious and seemingly never-ending cycle of destruction.

One Houston dad, however, found a positive way to stop his son from being bullied and help another kid in the process. Check out how in the video below.

Many parents would have handled this differently and sought punishment for Tamarion. Getting the school and possibly other authorities involved may have stopped him from bullying Jordan, but Tamarion would still be getting bullied. Moreover, he’d still be homeless and in need.

Hate can only be overcome with love. Negative situations require positive solutions. Bullies need role models, even if those role models are the parents of the kids they bullied.

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