John McCain knew the importance of sportsmanship


America lost a true hero, patriot and statesman on Saturday with the passing of Senator John McCain. He was 81.

Other outlets will chronicle his military and congressional career much better than can be done here. This space is dedicated to sportsmanship and John McCain was a good sport.

He attended the 2009 NBA All-Star Game in Phoenix and was asked to speak to a group of young basketball players before the event. Please keep in mind this took place only three months after the 2008 Presidential Election. Here’s what he said to the kids as first reported by the Deseret News:

“I went through a pretty tough game for a couple of years myself and didn’t win, but I’d also like to point out that the person who did win deserves the support of all Americans,” said McCain, who lost the presidential election to Barack Obama in November. “And I think that’s how we have to treat our opponents. We play as hard as we can, we work as hard as we can. We do everything that we can, but when the game is over, then show the respect and sportsmanship and support, in this case.”

Senator McCain put country before himself and understood that his opponents are not his enemies. America’s greatness lies in her people and John McCain was one of the greatest.

Rest in Peace, Senator and Godspeed.



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