Lebron James gives grounded, realistic speech to youth team

Almost no one gets two posts in a row, but LeBron James is on a roll. In the following video posted by D-Rich TV on Instagram, LeBron gives a seemingly dejected youth squad a hard lesson about what it means to know your role and be a team player.

Yes, LeBron had to be edited. No, he didn’t quite use the language recommended for people who work with kids. However, his message, in this case, is no less effective. He’s in the circle with the kids. LeBron has his arms around them and they’re looking him right in the eye; soaking up everything he’s giving them.

The kids know his message is coming from a place of love. They have no doubt he wants them to be successful and he cares about them. Before a coach utters a word, the kids have to know this. They have to know you love them. They have to know you understand what troubles them and that you’re telling them the truth.

LeBron accomplishes in 30 seconds what many coaches don’t master in decades working with kids. Watch and learn as King James holds court.

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