What would we be without labels?

Senior Pride 2018
Dance Plus Senior Traveling Pride 2017-18. Top from L-R: Brooke Reese, Arielle Adams, Kelsey Carnes, Dessa’Rae Lampkins. Bottom from L-R: De’Jai Walker, Madison Alexander

I often use dance to convey sportsmanship messages for two reasons:

  1. My daughter is a dancer and I’m duty-bound to brag on her. Don’t be so “fair” that you forget to tell your kids how special they are to you. Every kid needs to be someone’s favorite.
  2. Dancers have the unique ability to tell stories other athletes can’t. They perform accompanied by songs of joy, sadness, love, loss, protest and patriotism and no one will stop them or the show.

The following video is from last Sunday’s Talent on Parade Regional Dance Competition in St. Louis. My Madison and her teammates won first place overall in their age group for this stunning and thought-provoking performance. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to some and introduce to others the Dance Plus Senior Traveling Pride and “Labels.”

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