The 2018 Coach It Right! Baseball Clinic [Full Video]

March 6  is National Sportsmanship Day.  The St. Louis Sports Foundation celebrates by making available the full video of our 2018 Coach It Right! Baseball Clinic. The event took place on March 3 at St. Louis University High School and features Missouri Baseball Hall of Fame coach Steve Nicollerat giving youth coaches the tools necessary for their teams to have the best season possible.

Coach Nicollerat covers all the relevant baseball topics related to hitting, fielding and pitching, but he also highlights the issue many coaches don’t think about until there’s a problem. He discusses the need to set expectations for your players and their parents. Whether you coach baseball or not, that’s information every coach can use.

There’s also a very special section Coach Nicollerat calls his favorite part of the clinic and that’s where he explains the purpose for coaching. It’s a must-watch segment for every coach on every level of sport. So without further delay, please enjoy the Coach It Right! Baseball Clinic in its entirety in the video package below.

Also be sure to take advantage of Coach Nicollerat’s special segment on “Why We Coach” as well and don’t forget to like, share and subscribe.


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