Parents: It’s not about you

I wrote this piece about Landon Collins six years ago. It bears a striking resemblance to what Jacob Copeland went through with his mom on Wednesday. It appears Collins made the right decision. He’s now a safety for the New York Giants and is doing well. Hopefully, the same thing happens for Jacob Copeland.

Geismar (La.) Dutchtown High School safety Landon Collins announced his college choice last week during the Under Armor High School Football All America Game. The New Orleans native had narrowed his decision to two schools – Louisiana State University (LSU) and the University of Alabama. In the video below, Collins discusses the process he went through and ultimately announces his decision.

It’s not about us as adults. This young man has done well enough on and off the field to have his choice of the two schools playing for college football’s national championship. He chose Alabama. So, what? Collins will get an education. His games will be on national television and I’m sure pro scouts already have him on their radar. However, his mother is acting as if someone just stole her bike. She even starts cheering for the school he didn’t choose.

When Dari Nowkhah of ESPN asked Collins about the LSU fan reaction back home, did you catch what he said? “…I guess she’ll still supports me.” While Nowkhah asked about fans in general, Collins’ answer was specific. He only cares that his mom supports him and it’s clear she does not. Other family members come in toward the end to hug him, but the hurt on the young man’s face is evident. Parents, it’s about what’s best for the kids. Whether they’re playing Division I football or they’re the back-up linebacker on their middle school team, we are the support system.

Never should a kid feel alone when sitting next to his mother. Our kids should always feel like they are the greatest gift we were ever given.  I’ve heard parents say they’d run through a brick wall for their son or daughter. Well, sometimes they don’t need that. Sometimes, they just need a hug.


4 thoughts on “Parents: It’s not about you

  1. As usual, Saban had to offer extra benefits to get a recruit. He offered a job to Collin's girlfriend but that is just the tip of the iceberg.


  2. ……All I have to say is WAR DAMN EAGLE…..another scam like CAM….LMAO. IT'S just Lan and BAM……BS IS WHAT IT ALL IS!!!!!!!! JEALOUSY……and I would really b PROUD OF MY CHILD AND WHATEVER DECISION HE MAKES!!!!!! HE IS AN AWESOME ATHLETE……FOLLOW UR HEART.


  3. So we're supposed to believe that Saban would stoop so low as to get a recruit to go against his parents' wishes by offering a job to the girlfriend?

    Um, YEAH!


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