Yahoo! Sports takes petty dig at St. Louis during Rams playoff game


I know you’re supposed to let this stuff roll off your back, but enough is enough. It’s been open season on my hometown from too many different directions and we need to put a stop to it. The Los Angeles Rams hosted the Atlanta Falcons in an NFC Wild Card Playoff game on Saturday night. Meanwhile, this little gem popped up in the Yahoo! Sports Twitter feed:

The Rams left St. Louis after 21 seasons and returned to L.A. in 2016. People who’ve never been to St. Louis had all kinds of hot takes as to the reasons. We’re a baseball town. We’re a hockey town. We’re a soccer town. We don’t like football. There’s too much crime. The fans don’t support the team. The list goes on.

We do love our baseball team, our hockey team, and yes, a lot of our kids play soccer. We have our challenges relative to crime and poverty, but we are no one’s doormat! The Rams, just like most professional sports franchises, are privately-held businesses. As much as fans buy tickets and jerseys and hang on every win and loss, we have to realize these teams don’t belong to us.

Cleveland fans couldn’t stop the Rams from leaving in 1945. L.A. fans couldn’t stop them from leaving in 1994. St. Louis fans couldn’t stop them in 2015. And who knows? In 20, 30 or 40 years, L.A. fans won’t be able to stop the Rams from leaving again should ownership decide to make a move.

The Rams still have a dedicated fanbase in St. Louis. I watched the playoff games on Saturday with a group of friends at a local establishment and the line was out the door. Fans wore Rams hats, jerseys, coats and cheered loudly as the team took on the defending NFC Champion Atlanta Falcons.

If by some stroke of divine intervention, the Rams returned to St. Louis, all would be forgiven from a fan standpoint. The people here support this team for reasons I understand and for reasons I don’t. Either way, none of them deserve to be disparaged by Yahoo! Sports or anyone else.

There are people I know personally who worked day and night to put St. Louis’ best foot forward to keep the team. They don’t deserve the shade thrown their way by Yahoo! Sports or anyone else.

I get it. Snark and petty behavior dominate the landscape these days, but an old saying still rings true. “Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” Likewise, those who allowed Google to become a verb shouldn’t mention anyone else’s losses.

St. Louis is a proud city with good people. Leave us alone now.

Don’t start none. Won’t be none.

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