How to lose with class


Boxing legend George Foreman once said, “If you fight good fighters long enough, you will eventually lose.” His point is if you seek out the best and compete against them, they will win their fair share. That’s why long undefeated streaks, undefeated seasons and undefeated careers are anomalies in the sports world.

To channel my inner Big Sean, you will take an L. How you handle it and how you bounce back is what matters. Coaches have told me it’s not over until over. Well, sometimes, it is over before it’s over and there’s no harm in calling off the dogs.

If you’re down by four touchdowns with two minutes to go, the game is over. Stop hitting, tackling, growling and trying to prove how tough you are. Losing doesn’t make you a loser. Only your attitude can do that.

Taking a loss with class and dignity shows others they can still follow your lead. Being able to admit what your opponent did right and what you did wrong shows respect and stability. People who can’t admit defeat when everyone clearly sees the scoreboard delude themselves.

No one should ever be comfortable or happy with losing. You can show your discomfort while maintaining your composure. It’s best, however, to get up, dust yourself off and show your opponent and the game the respect they deserve.

Shake your opponent’s hand. Congratulate him on a spirited contest. Oh, and let him know you’ll be back! Don’t laugh. It worked for Schwarzenegger.


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