Burger King knocks anti-bullying message out of the park

Burger King released the following anti-bullying PSA last week:

Coaches and parents often take their kids to restaurants like Burger King after games and practices. It’s sad more people stood up for a beaten up hamburger than a beaten up kid. However, kudos to the few customers who did stand up for the kid who was being bullied.

It’s often said character is who you are when no one else is around. Sometimes, character is revealed when everyone is around. Literally anyone could have helped the kid in the video and only a few did.

Protecting a kid from bullying is simple. If the situation makes you look up, then you should speak up. Once you speak up, stand up. Most kids will stop whatever foolish behavior they’re engaged in when an adults speaks up and they’ll most often scatter when you stand up.

Model positive behavior for your kids. If the situation makes you look up, then stand up. Once you stand up, speak up. Let’s not let any Jr. get bullied, Whopper or otherwise.

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