Don’t punish yourself teaching your kid a lesson


My mom grounded me for a month once when I was in the third grade. I was not allowed to go anywhere but school and back home. The problem with a single parent grounding a third grader for a month was that my mom was grounded too.

The time I spent at practices, friends’ houses and birthday parties gave her time to do what she wanted/needed to do. There was none of that during my punishment. As long as I was in the house, she was in the house. My grounding ended after a week because Mom was miserable.

Kids will mess up and make poor choices. As adults, we must correct the behavior. Choose tough, but nonviolent consequences that the child will remember and not want to experience again.

Think of it this way: Are you a teacher or a prison guard? Teachers go home when the day’s lesson is over. Prison guards spend most of their time locked up – right along with the prisoners.

Correction always works better than punishment.

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