NFL changes celebration rules


The NFL changed its rules on endzone celebrations Tuesday. Group celebrations are now allowed and the ball can be used as a prop. The ball cannot be used to mimic a weapon and celebrations done in bad taste (i.e. “twerking”) or meant to show up opponents are not allowed.

What could go wrong?


The NFL seems to have taken the pejorative “No Fun League” personally and the league will live to regret it. Never underestimate the creativity of young people and their willingness to push the envelope. To borrow from the late Charlie Murphy, young people are “habitual line-steppers” and the overwhelming majority of the league is under 26.

Things will likely will get ugly during a rivalry game. A running back will score and the new rules will allow him to include his offensive line in the celebration. The six men will start doing a version of the Milly Rock. The refs will think they’re twerking because everything is twerking and flag them or the opponents will get upset and there will still be multiple flags and ejections.

Regardless of what anyone says, touchdown celebrations are meant to show up the opponent. There’s no other reason for them. Fans won’t scream any louder than they will for the touchdown. And what’s more entertaining than a well-executed scoring drive?

The product on the field should be enough. Besides, NFL refs have enough to worry about without having to police the Atlanta Falcons’ entry into the Mask Off Dance Challenge when they play the Seattle Seahawks on November 20.

“Mask Off” is the hit single by Atlanta-based rapper Future. The song has sparked a viral nationwide dance challenge where participants come up with their best dance moves to the popular track. Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson is married to Future’s ex, R&B singer Ciara.

Russell and Future are said to not be on the best of terms. But hey, what could go wrong if the high-strung Seahawks defense think the Falcons are trying to show up their QB?




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