THAT sports parent is getting all the attention and it’s not good for anyone


A certain sports parent has a few kids who are really good at basketball. He knows it and the world knows it. The parent uses the attention paid to his sons’ remarkable talent to get booked on sports shows from coast to coast.

The parent gets into arguments over ridiculous topics. He recently said his oldest son is a better basketball player right now than Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook and LeBron James.

He’s not.

Full disclosure, I have not seen the oldest son play one second of college basketball, but Stevie Wonder could see the gaslighting taking place here. Gaslighting, as defined by Psychology Today, is a tactic in which a person or entity, in order to gain more power, makes a victim question their reality.

It looks easy at first. LeBron James, Steph Curry and Russell Westbrook are not only three of the best players in the NBA, they have talent comparable to the all-time greats.  You’re about to debate a guy whose kid hasn’t been through an NBA workout, let alone played in a game.

Piece of cake, right? Wrong. At the end of the argument, you’ll wind up trying to prove why water is wet. We all know water is wet, but prove it. Go ahead. It’s best to have a working parachute as you begin your descent into madness.

Meanwhile, the sports parent just gobbled up 30 minutes of nationwide airtime. He’s trending on Twitter and people are sharing clips of him making a complete fool of you.

It’s been written in this space before, but bears repeating: Overbearing parents don’t help their kids in the long run. In the age of more sports channels than we can possibly watch, sports websites, blogs and social media, being loud and obnoxious isn’t the way to get your kid noticed.

If your kid’s any good, coaches already know. They’re all looking for that kid no one else has discovered. They scour different sites and watch hours and hours of video. Coach has already imagined your kid wearing his uniform.

Creating and maintaining a positive home environment so your kids can pursue their dreams is the best thing any parent can do.

You never want the coach’s notes to read, “Good kid. Solid handles. Can shoot from anywhere, plays great defense. Works hard. But his dad…”


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