Can You Stand The Rain?

Heavy Downpour

“On a perfect day I know that I can count on you
When that’s not possible, tell me, can you weather the storm?”

-From New Edition’s 1988 album Heart Break (lyrics by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis).

In sports and in life, everyone loves the perfect day. They’re ready to play and give everything they have. Rain, however, makes playing the game tough. In sports, losing is the equivalent of a rainstorm.

It’s often said that winning cures all ills. It doesn’t. Winning doesn’t cure anything. Think of winning as a painkiller; it makes you feel better, but the underlying ailment is still there.

Winning doesn’t make you like teammates, respect coaches, or share the ball more. Your team will lose again. It will rain again. Those same issues will come back.

Changing attitudes toward each other and the game takes hard work, dedication and patience. Sometimes, you can’t run inside from a driving rainstorm. Sometimes, you have to stand there and get soaked.

Only then will you realize the problems on your team and in your life aren’t as big as you thought.

Rain is just a bunch of water.



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