Siena and Rider make a literal mockery of good sportsmanship

Siena and Rider weren’t good sports in their game Tuesday night. Late in the game, a fight ensued between players from both teams. There were ejections and technical fouls assessed among coaches and players. As a result, Rider head coach Kevin Baggett decided to remove his team from the court immediately after the final buzzer.

Rider did not participate in the postgame handshake line.

Siena didn’t, either – except for head coach Jimmy Patsos.

This is a bunch of mess. Baggett totally blew off any semblance of sportsmanship by leaving the court. Patsos decided to imitate a responsible, character-driven coach by shaking hands with invisible players. Young people must have better examples.

College coaches wield a great deal of power when it comes to players. The fastest way to get players to act right is to sacrifice playing time, but that may mean sacrificing wins.

Sorry, what was I thinking?


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