Prove yourself right

Man Screaming

Stop wasting time trying to prove your haters wrong. Successful people are great at giving sound bites about how they overcame the naysayers to reach their current status.

Newsflash! No one is thinking about you that much.

Even if you have the occasion to confront a hater later on in life when you’ve made it, I’ll bet you dollars to donuts they won’t remember the negative thing they said to you. They won’t remember the thing you’ve built your whole life around.

Why? Because people have their own lives to worry about without being concerned with how much success or failure you’re having.

To take it a little further, some people are so miserable that the hateful thing they said to you doesn’t compare to the litany of negativity happening in their own lives.

Don’t worry about the haters. Worry about yourself. Worry about those who love you and want you to succeed. Be the best because you believe you can be, not because someone else thinks you can’t.

Find a mirror. Look into it. Who you see is the only person you need to prove anything to.

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