The Golden Rule

Sportsmanship Brigade 10.17.2015

Pop quiz, hotshot:

Name the last three Super Bowl winners.

Name the last three World Series champions.

Name the last three Academy Award winners for Best Picture.

What? You don’t know without googling. OK, here’s a new quiz.

Who was your favorite teacher growing up?

How about your favorite coach?

What was the most fun time you and your friends ever had as kids?

While you were thinking about the answers to the last three questions, your mind probably flooded with all sorts of people and all kinds of experiences.

You loved your third grade basketball coach, because he always took the team out for pizza, win or lose.

On the other hand, your high school basketball coach wrote the letter of recommendation that got you into college.

And there was the time you dunked on the hoop in Jimmy’s driveway. Only Jimmy and his dad saw it, but it was still cool.

The score doesn’t matter. The trophies don’t matter. It’s the people, and the positive experiences you have with those people, that do.

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