Caterpillars become butterflies and Cubs become Cardinals

Caterpillars are rather homely creatures that will eventually become butterflies or moths. I didn’t know caterpillar’s turned into moths, either. Talk about a roll of the dice. I guess it happens to humans, too. Google Roger Clinton, Frank Stallone or Chris Williams (he’s the black guy on the Average Joe’s team in Dodgeball) if you don’t believe me.

Today, a Cub became a Cardinal. Dexter Fowler, MLB All-Star centerfielder for your reigning and defending World Series Champion Chicago Cubs, wrapped himself in the cocoon of free agency and came out a Redbird.

Image result for dexter fowler cardinals

The St. Louis Cardinals and the Chicago Cubs are rivals, but they are not enemies. Fowler joins Jon Jay, Jon Lester, Jason Heyward as players who have worn both Cardinal red and Cubbie blue in recent years.

This is how sports works. Fowler will go to the White House with his former teammates and take pictures as champions, then fly back to St. Louis to help the Cardinals figure out how to dethrone those same ex-teammates.

Most importantly, look at Fowler’s face in the picture above. He has his head on straight. He’s a Major League Baseball player, a World Series Champion and is being paid handsomely to live the dream.

It’s just a game, folks. Try being like Dexter Fowler and smile a little more.

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