Behaving like Doc Rivers will get you thrown out of the league

Media outlets, social and otherwise, continue to tout Doc Rivers’ epic meltdown from earlier this week. If you haven’t seen it, here’s video of the L.A. Clippers head coach in all his glory.

Let me be clear: If you act like Doc Rivers did in this video, your team will likely have to forfeit the game and your team may be thrown out of the league. Youth leagues are becoming less and less tolerant of parents and coaches behaving like infants with full diapers.

Here are some things we should all understand when it comes to professional leagues versus youth leagues, particularly in this situation.

Although Clippers assistant coach Sam Cassell and center DeAndre Jordan appear to be restraining Rivers, they are not. If Cassell and Jordan magically disappeared, Rivers was not going to charge the referees and possibly assault them.

There is a pro wrestling factor involved in professional coach meltdowns. Crowds like to see coaches show fire and the coach performs according to the level of crowd excitement. However, the coach is not about to jeopardize millions of dollars, one of the premier jobs in sports and his freedom by fighting an official.

Your position as 5th grade basketball coach is not as precious, though. You can and will be replaced by the very next living, breathing , mentally-stable person who wants to work with kids. No one called the police on Doc Rivers, but you will be fitted for a new orange uniform.

Know the difference between reality and make-believe. Stay in the game for your kids and keep your freedom for your family.


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