Elections have consequences…for our kids

When I fell and scraped my knee as a kid, my mom told me not to pick at it or the thing would never heal. She said picking reopens wounds and causes infections – which makes the injury worse than before.

America has wounds older than the country itself. Racism, misogyny and xenophobia are old sores. We have periods where we let them heal for awhile, then we start to pick at them again.

On Election Day, 2016, we ripped the whole scab off.

Adults, who often pay lip service to what they do for their kids, didn’t think this one through. I know. I should to stick sports and stuff involving kids directly, and not what I think will happen. OK, how about this gem from my high school alma mater involving student-athletes?

A friend of mine, who is a teacher and parent, posted this on Facebook late last week. Warning: While edited for content, this post does contain material readers may find objectionable.


No matter who you voted for, our kids have been negatively affected by our behavior over the election season. Bullying, harassment and degradation in schools and on sports teams has increased nationwide since last Tuesday.

A lot in our country has changed, but the mission of the St. Louis Sports Foundation has not. We create positive environments for kids to play sports so they remain active and lead healthier, happier lives.

If your kids need an inspiring program that will help them refocus on and appreciate the positive principles instilled in them by their parents, teachers and coaches, then look into the Musial Moments program for your school or youth organization.

Musial Moments is a fun, interactive and impactful 45-minute presentation that motivates kids to care about sportsmanship and to be good to those around them. We encourage kids to treat everyone with love and respect. The program is free for any school or youth organization. For booking information, please call 314-345-5130 or email salexander@stlsports.org.

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