Kids at the Musial Awards: Chase Vasquez, Scooter Terrien and Miles Rodriguez

The Musial Awards recognize remarkable individuals and amazing stories of character, kindness, selflessness and integrity in sports. People of all ages and from all walks of life have taken home the coveted ‘Red 6’ each year.

However, this space is specifically dedicated to uplifting kids. The young people honored at the Musial Awards over the years are living proof of the Martin Luther King quote, which states, “Everybody can be great because anybody can serve.”

Chase Vasquez, Scooter Terrien and Miles Rodriguez did a great thing for a classmate. Please watch their story in the video below.

In addition to honoring Chase, Scooter, and Miles at Musial Awards, we also use their story as an example of good sportsmanship for other young people at our Musial Moments assemblies. Hundreds of St. Louis area kids have been inspired to make positive change in their schools and communities based on the actions of these awesome young people.

The 2016 Musial Awards take place on Saturday, November 19 at the Peabody Opera House in downtown St. Louis. We want kids represented in a big way on this special night and there is a special offer available for St. Louis area young people and their parents if they wish to attend.

Please click on the following link to take advantage of our special ticket offer for you and your kids – complimentary-ticket-form.

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