Fill and throw away your #BasketofDeplorables


Gotcha! This one’s not about politics. It’s about behavior. Some adults, particularly coaches, exhibit deplorable behavior toward children.

We need to gather our deplorable behaviors in a basket and throw them away. I’ll start with the following list. Let’s gather as many as we can and get them away from youth sports…away from our kids, period.

  1. Yelling.
  2. Schadenfreude.
  3. Insults.
  4. Condescension.
  5. Put-downs.
  6. Name-calling.
  7. Profanity.
  8. Physical punishment.
  9. Dishonesty.
  10. Selfishness.
  11. Greed.
  12. Self-righteousness.

That’s a good start for my basket. What about yours? What behaviors do you exhibit that your kids can do without? Medals and trophies will tarnish and chip. Stories of the game-winning score will change depending on who tells them, but people always remember how you treat them.


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