2016 Sportsmanship Scholarship recipient: Nick Alexander


The Sports Commission Associates awarded Nick Alexander their top Sportsmanship Scholarship honor for 2016. The Vianney High varsity swimming captain will receive $10,000 to begin his collegiate education.

Nick holds multiple Missouri swimming records; is a four-time state champion and will compete in the U.S. Olympic Swimming Trials in 2016. Nick’s speed in the pool, however, is only eclipsed by the compassion he shows for others.

In 2014, the Vianney swim team competed in the Lindbergh Splash Out Cancer Invitational. Nick dedicated his race to a young boy battling leukemia. Nick won the race and presented his medal to the young cancer patient.

The boy’s father said of the moment, “He won the race, and at the awards ceremony, in front of a large crowd, walked over to my little bald boy, and placed a gold medal around his neck. Both [kids] were beaming. I can’t even think about it without crying. For a high school athlete to be so competitive on the one hand, and yet so caring on the other, just amazes me.”

The biggest compliment to Nick’s selflessness came from a rival coach. Kevin Brennan, the head swimming coach at Chaminade said, “For the last three years, my best backstroker was TJ Halliburton. TJ has been some of Nick’s greatest competition; and yet Nick takes time to help TJ. I think the fact that Nick would mentor his greatest competition shows what an outstanding young man he is.” Nick will continue his education at the University of Missouri.


One thought on “2016 Sportsmanship Scholarship recipient: Nick Alexander

  1. Solomon,
    We can never get too many stories like Nick Alexander’s. Great stuff. Thanks for all you do to bring these great part of sports to our attentions. You are the best!


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