2016 Sportsmanship Scholarship recipient: Leeann Graff

Leeann Graff

Leeann Graff competed in volleyball, tennis and soccer at Pattonville High School. She served as the tennis and soccer teams her senior year. The Sports Commission invites St. Louis area high schools to attend the Musial Awards and Leeann attended the event with her athletic director in 2014 and 2015. The stories of extraordinary sportsmanship inspired and motivated Leeann to do something in her school.

Pattonville athletic director Bob Hebrank said, “This year, Leeann came up with an idea for an award that honors teams and/or athletes for sportsmanship. She came up with this idea after attending the Stan Musial Awards here in St. Louis. These awards recognize athletes and teams that go above and beyond when it comes to sportsmanship. Leeann realized that this would be a great way to honor our high school teams and athletes as well. She came up with the idea to call these the “I see you” award for special recognition. Leeann has come up with the nomination process for all of our coaches and she will be part of picking the best nominee to represent Pattonville. Pattonville High School will honor an athlete/team for this award every year thanks to the idea that Leeann brought to us.”

Leeann will receive $2,500 to continue her education at Southeast Missouri State University.



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