I’m tired of the noise

Man Screaming

Bruce Arians called moms who fear for their son’s safety while playing football ‘fools.’ LeBron James apparently sent a married model a message on Instagram. Josh Gordon failed another drug test…and allowed Johnny Manziel to move in with him.

Scottie Pippen said his ’95-’96 Chicago Bulls could beat the current Golden State Warriors. ESPN personality Bomani Jones pulled a publicity stunt last week to draw attention to himself under the guise of protesting the appropriation of Native American symbols and culture by sports teams.

Will Iggy Azalea leave Swaggy P? Will she marry him anyway? Will D’Angelo Russell’s teammates ever trust him again? Why is everyone in the NBA pretending to be Kobe Bryant’s friend when he has said more than once that he has no NBA friends?

In the immortal words of  Charlie Brown, “Good grief!”

Sports has become a bad reality show. Everything is making headlines EXCEPT the games. Turn off the TV, the phones, laptops and tablets. It’s all noise. Instead of worrying about LeBron’s direct messages, go directly to the gym and work on your jumper.

You’re not a fool if you’re concerned about your child’s safety while participating in any sport. The musings of someone who makes millions of dollars from said sport should not cloud your judgment.

Athletes, play your game. Adults, support the kids who play the best you can. All the rest is just noise.


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