Nicollerat: Why are preseason parent meetings essential?

The Coach It Right Baseball Clinic is Saturday, March 5, from 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. inside the Danis Field House on the campus of St. Louis University High School. Steve Nicollerat, Missouri High School Baseball Hall of Fame coach, will show the youth baseball and softball coaches and parents in attendance what to teach their youngsters and how to teach it.

Nicollerat also understands that it takes more than fielding drills and extra batting practice to have a successful team. Setting clear expectations, for both players and their parents, is key. Watch the video below as Nicollerat explains why a preseason parent meeting is essential for every youth team.

Remember what Nicollerat said in the video. If you have 15 kids on your team, you have to deal with at least 15 parents. If the coach doesn’t make his/her expectations clear before the season, there will be 15 parents with 15 different sets of expectations.

Have you ever had 15 people try to talk to you at once? No one understands anything and everyone walks away frustrated. Not a good way to run a team.

Never fear. Coach Nicollerat will share his insight on parent meetings, how do deal with an unpire’s mistake and how to make your kid a better overall player at the Coach It Right! Baseball Clinic on March 5.

The event is free for all youth coaches and parents. Just click on the flyer below to register. Free parking is available and free breakfast will be provided. Your kids’ best season ever starts on March 5. Sign up today!

2016-Baseball-Clinic-Flyer_650px (2)



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