Coach It Right! Baseball Clinic March 5

Unless you’re in Florida or Arizona, the last thing you’re thinking about on February 15 is baseball, but America’s Pastime is just around the corner. MLB pitchers and catchers are getting ready while youth parents and coaches are taking inventory to see how much they’ll spend this season.

Here in St. Louis, we’re gearing up for the annual Coach It Right! Baseball Clinic held at St. Louis University High School (SLU High) inside the spectacular Danis Field House. On Saturday, March 5, youth baseball and softball coaches will learn how and what to teach by none other than Missouri Baseball Hall of Fame coach Steve Nicollerat.

Through technology and interactive discussion, Nicollerat will explain each drill as his SLU High players demonstrate the maneuvers. Several coaches bring their own players along so they can watch Nicollerat’s players conduct the drills.

The Coach It Right! Baseball Clinic is free for all baseball and softball coaches and parents. There will be free parking available and a free breakfast will be provided as well. How do you sign up? Click on the flyer below.

Don’t be the one who missed this one-of-a-kind event. Make this the best season for your kids. Register today!

2016-Baseball-Clinic-Flyer_650px (2)


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