16 sports wishes for 2016


Happy New Year! I hope you and yours had a happy and safe holiday season. You may wonder where I’ve been with all the juicy sportsmanship stories out there.

Everyone needs to reassess things sometimes. Is what you’re doing making a difference? Are people listening or are you just more noise in a world of noise?

One way or the other, how we play, enjoy and think about sports needs to change. The following list represents the hopes of an eternal optimist. Your responses are more than welcome.

In 2016, I wish:

  1. The team would sacrifice for the individual. Just once.
  2. Athlete activism included more people than LeBron and Mizzou football.
  3. There were more male sideline reporters and more female play-by-play announcers and analysts.
  4. Money wasn’t the biggest obstacle to kids participating in sports.
  5. Every girl could be cheered as if she were a gymnast or a tennis player.
  6. Manhood wasn’t defined by the ability to knock someone down, but by the effort to help someone up.
  7. We cared about the name on the back of the jersey as much as we do about the one on the front.
  8. G.P.A.s mattered more than 40 times.
  9. Coaches were held to the same professional standards as teachers.
  10. Fighting in professional hockey would stop.
  11. Pitchers would learn there’s greater revenge in striking the guy out who hit the home run than throwing at him.
  12. I could watch a football game without concussions.
  13. We would learn the meaning of scholarship and apply it to scholarly endeavors.
  14. Adults made sports more fun for kids.
  15. Parents believed in their kids’ genius as much as they do their jumper.
  16. You and yours have the best year of your lives.

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