LeBron’s moment with Special Olympian is all that’s right in sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers visited Boston Tuesday night to play the Celtics. LeBron is by no means a favorite son of Boston, but that didn’t matter when it came to an interaction with a young Celtics fan. Check out the video below:

The entire exchange was genuine and awesome! LeBron didn’t know the young man is a Special Olympian. He tried to shake his hand, realized that couldn’t happen, and rubbed his head instead.

You can see the kid yelling “Oh, my God!” as LeBron runs over to him. The kid is in full Celtics gear – green from head to toe, but LeBron didn’t see color (pun intended). He saw a young fan and gave him a moment he’ll never forget.

The reactions of the adults surrounding the kid shouldn’t be overlooked, either. It’s hard to boo a guy who makes time for kids – even if he’s wearing the other team’s jersey.



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