26 reasons to be thankful this year

Bad news travels fast and the bad news we hear nowadays seems to travel at light speed. Even in times like these, there are reasons to be thankful. This year has been good despite what you’ve heard, read or seen.

In honor of Thanksgiving Day, this Thursday, November 26, here are the reasons I’m thankful in 2015. All of the stories are available by using my search bar. Just thought it best not to clog the post with hyperlinks. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

26. Mizzou Football

25. Tyron Woodley

24. The Milford Mighty Mites

23. Key & Peele’s Teacher Draft

22. Anunciation and Mary Queen of Peace (Sportsmanship Brigade winner)

21. Russell Westbrook

20. Participation trophies

19. Super Bowl 49

18. Allison, Addison & Jenna (Sportsmanship Brigade winner)

17. Snoop Dogg

16. Duchesne High School

15. St. Margaret Mary Alacoque

14. Ron Hunter

13. U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team

12. East St. Louis

11. Mo’ne Davis

10. McKinley Classical Leadership Academy

9. Chase Vazquez, Scooter Terrien & Miles Rodriguez (2015 Musial Awards honoree)

8. Kendrick Farris

7. McKenzie Green

6. Musial Moments

5. The Sportsmanship Scholarship Class of 2015

4. Mike Matheny (2015 Musial Awards honoree)

3. Lauren Hill (2015 Musial Awards honoree)

2. John Fassel


My Girls
Of course they’re no. 1…this and every year!

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