Don’t celebrate the misfortunes of others as your day is coming

Kermit Tea

The Tennessee Titans fired head coach Ken Whisenhunt on Tuesday after a 1-6 start to this season and a 3-20 record dating back to the start of last season. Former NFL quarterback Matt Leinart, who played for Whisenhunt as a member of the Arizona Cardinals from 2006-2010, was among the first to express his joy over the coach’s firing via Twitter:

Now this is just petty. Leinart hasn’t played for Whisenhunt since 2010. It’s 2015. Leinart has played for and been cut by three other teams since Arizona. What good does it do Leinart to revel in Whisenhunt’s misfortune? What good does it do anyone to behave this way?

There are players who think certain coaches have done them wrong. There are coaches who think certain players quit on them. People in every walk of life have been slighted by someone else. It’s a waste of time and energy to hope for and celebrate the negative.

Moreover, anyone who does should save his party favors because his day is coming. Unfortunate things happen to everyone and not just once. Think of your good times and bad times as seasons. It may be a beautiful spring or a brisk fall in your life right now, but the unbearably hot summer or the harsh, cold winter is near.

You may not be publicly fired like Whisenhunt or another pro coach, but you will be humiliated, embarrassed and slighted. Hopefully, no one blows a noisemaker when your day comes. My mom was right when I was a kid and she still is. If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say (or tweet) anything at all.


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