LeBron head injury shows winning still trumps safety

In case you missed it, this happened to LeBron James during Game 4 of the NBA Finals on Thursday night (email subscribers click here to view media).

The cameras that networks use aren’t over-sized camcorders, they are heavy, sturdy pieces of equipment. LeBron goes about 6-9, 260 – and he didn’t hurt the camera. Lebron was bleeding and writhing on the floor in obvious pain holding his head.

LeBron was not tested for a concussion. He didn’t go to the locker room for that matter. What you see initially was the extent of LeBron’s medical treatment until halftime.

Towels! They used a bunch of towels to soak up the blood streaming from his head. Seriously, LeBron could have at least gone to the locker room to wash up a little and change his jersey.

Unfortunately, we all know why LeBron never left the game and why no one even whispered about taking him through the NBA’s concussion protocol. Look at the score. Cleveland was down by 12 already and Golden State’s lead may have ballooned to 20 or more without King James.

There’s no way to tell if LeBron should have been completely removed from the game, but he at least deserved to get checked out thoroughly. Player safety has to come first in all situations. Whether it’s the NBA Finals or a youth league exhibition, use your head and take care of it.

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