Profane insult from Warriors fan stops LeBron in his tracks after Game 2

The Golden State Warriors are a great team and they have great fans – except one.

This lady paid good money to be within earshot of LeBron James and she decided to shout an obscenity so vulgar and inappropriate that I can’t show you even an edited version of the video here. You’ll have to Google it on your free time. Don’t look it up at work. I don’t want anyone’s employment status to change because they read my blog.

LeBron James is the best basketball player in the world. He’s played everywhere and I’m sure he’s heard vile comments from fans before, but this one made him stop and turn around.

Some people will say LeBron should toughen up. Fan heckling is a part of the game. I would argue it’s not, but calling an opposing player a bum is nothing compared to what this fan said. It’s just a game. LeBron didn’t hurt anyone. He and his teammates just went out and won a basketball game.

Buying a ticket, even an expensive one, doesn’t give fans the right to yell profanities at players or insult their families. Besides, the guys on your favorite team probably have good friends on the other team. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if LeBron and Steph Curry hung out or had dinner together between games.

The emotional connection that fans have to their teams is part of what makes sports great, but too much emotion is dangerous and has no place in any game. You’re allowed to be disappointed after LeBron hits the winning shot against your team, just don’t treat him like he kicked your puppy.


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