Suspended East St. Louis basketball coach caught on tape cursing out kids

Audio has surfaced of suspended East St. Louis (Ill.) High School boys basketball coach and athletic director Tony Young using abusive language toward his players. According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the recordings took place on January 12 and 13. School district officials would not confirm why Young was suspended, but every indication points to the treatment of his team.

The recordings are available on YouTube, but I will not post them in this space. If you wish to hear them for yourself, they are available here. (Warning: These recordings depict an adult using offensive and verbally abusive language toward children. This audio is NSFW. Parental discretion is advised).

This type of “coaching” is disgraceful. Once you get past the exorbitant profanity, you’ll realize there’s no real coaching going on at all. Mistakes are not corrected. No plays are discussed — just a lot of high-pitched yelling, insults and four-letter words.

It’s not necessary to talk to kids or anyone else this way to get them to perform. Particularly with kids, they perform better when they think you care about them. If you’re a coach who doesn’t care if the kids like you, please leave the profession. As I’ve written here hundreds of times, kids don’t remember the score, but they do remember how they are treated.

Treat ’em right. Period.


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