Silent soccer makes loud thud

In Lebanon, Ohio last weekend, a youth soccer league implemented “silent soccer.” Yes, it’s what it sounds like. Parents are limited to holding up signs and waving rally towels. No cheering or loud noises allowed. Coaches are limited to minimal instruction during the game.

No yelling. No screaming.

Sigh…Please watch the video blog below from (email subscribers click here to view media).

Overzealous parents are a thorn in the side of may youth sports leagues. Some would like parents to be seen and not heard — as is the case in Lebanon. Others would prefer that parents not show up at all. Please ma’am and sir write your checks out to us and be sure to pick up your kids from practices and games on time.

That’s not how this works. Parents have a right to cheer for their kids. Coaches should be able to yell instructions to their kids. Problems arise arise when coaches and parents yell profanities at the kids or otherwise put them down.

Rather than have everyone just shut up, let’s try teaching parents and coaches the right way to encourage and instruct their kids. Please visit for ways your organization can make the youth sports experience a positive one for all.


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