2013 Sportsmanship Scholarship Winner: Katie Ringhausen

The St. Louis Sports Commission Associates Sportsmanship Scholarship awards $5,000 to a deserving St. Louis area high school graduating senior who exhibits outstanding sportsmanship in athletic competition. We were fortunate to not only issue the $5,000 award, but we were also able to issue three additional $1,000 scholarships to deserving student athletes as well. All of their stories will be published here. 
We now present the second of our three $1,000 scholarship winners – Ms. Katie Ringhausen.

Katie Ringhausen participated in track and field as a freshman, but her love of golf catapulted her to new heights during her four years at Francis Howell High School. She played in two state championships and was the No. 2 ranked player on the team her senior year. The only thing consistently better than Katie’s scores was her character. Katie penalized herself for the smallest of infractions – even those unbeknownst to her competitors. She always used her counting device to keep an accurate number of strokes during play.

Katie displayed great sportsmanship in a particular match when her competitor ran out of golf balls, which would result in the player’s disqualification. Rather than take the easy win, Katie gave the opponent a sleeve of her own golf balls which allowed her to finish the round. Katie has been recognized multiple times for outstanding sportsmanship on the state and conference levels. She is continuing her education at the University of Central Missouri.

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