Gangnam Style

The Sportsmanship Brigade takes it work very seriously, but we do need to let loose every now and again. Friday night’s 8th grade girls basketball contest between the host St. Margaret Mary Alacoque and St. Catherine Laboure provided the perfect opportunity.

During halftime, the hit song “Gangnam Style” filled the gym. Let’s just say Brigade members can bust a move or two of their own. It was fitting given the great attitudes displayed by both teams. Molly Bastida of St. Margaret Mary and Annie Leisure of St. Catherine Laboure played hard, encouraged their teammates and had a blast.

Big Sol with Ms. Bastida

Big Sol with Ms. Leisure

Honestly, it was fun watching them having so much fun. Their infectious personalities definitely left an impression on the Brigade. Both ladies were recognized for a tremendous show of sportsmanship during the game.

Saturday, the Brigade visited “The J” in Creve Coeur for a 5th grade boys basketball matchup. The game was very competitive and very physical. One young man was fouled pretty hard and suffered a busted lip. Instead of jogging away and acting as if nothing happened, the young man who committed the foul went over to the opposing bench to see if his opponent was OK.

Thankfully, the injury was quickly taken care of with some ice and a wet cloth. The young man returned to action several minutes later. However, the actions of Hanks Edwards, the player who ran over to check on the injury, were not lost on the Brigade.

Big Sol with Hanks and his parents. I think we were photobombed by his grandparents 🙂

Hanks’ parents and grandparents delighted in his recognition and we were indeed proud to be there to witness it. In the end, all four teams the Brigade saw last weekend had kids who had a lot of fun and showed respect for the game and their opponents.

The Sportsmanship Brigade is a group of Sports Commission volunteers who attend youth sporting events looking for acts of good sportsmanship. Athletes, coaches, parents, fans and officials who exhibit good sportsmanship are rewarded with a certificate of recognition and a gift card to a local business. For more on the Brigade, including scheduling and volunteering information, please visit or call 314-345-5130.

Of course, you didn’t think we’d have this post without the song, did you? Take about four minutes and enjoy…(email subscribers click here). 


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