Kids still dig pizza parties

You hear it all the time. Kids have changed! Times are different now. Young people are into video games and social media. You have to find different ways to get through to them. I reject that. Kids are not different. The adults raising, teaching and coaching them are different. But that’s another blog for another time. This post is about the Immacolata 4th grade girls volleyball team. We met these outstanding young ladies when the Brigade stopped by one of their games last week. In case you don’t recall the story, click here to get all the details.

As a way to reward the girls for their tremendous sportsmanship, the Brigade gave them a pizza party. Their coach promised me she would take them and she followed through on her promise. The girls insisted she take a picture and send it to me with a thank-you note. Before sharing the coach’s note, I want you to know that together we are making a difference. Sportsmanship is not dead. Our mission is to improve the sports experience for young people. While the mission is not yet accomplished, we are well on our way. Please enjoy the message from Coach Debbie Tonn and her Immacolata girls. Until next time…

Be a Good Sport!



I just wanted to thank you on behalf of my 4th grade Immacolata volleyball team that you visited last Friday. The girls were so excited after you came and talked to them and then gave us the gift cards. Of course, we had to have the pizza party right away and I have attached a picture ( which was their idea!) It was so nice to have such positive and encouraging remarks for our team. The girls have always been very energetic and supportive of each other. In practice yesterday, I noticed that they were even complimenting each other a little more than usual. I think it was because of your visit last week! It really made an impact on the girls and one that I hope will continue throughout all of their “sports years”. 

Thanks again,
Debbie Tonn

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