Coach It Right! Soccer Clinic in one week

Coaches being coached

I attended a conference in Colorado Springs a few years ago and something a Canadian coach stuck with me.  He said Americans have a backward model when it comes to coaching. Our best coaches train our best athletes. On the surface this looks fine, but his point was that we waste expertise on those who don’t really need it. In several countries, Olympic-level coaches are obligated to go back and coach on the youth level for a period of time. Kids are given the opportunity to learn from the best. As our Olympians head toward London, look at the basketball team. The best players in the world are being led by the best active basketball coach on any level. Who are our kids being coached by?

We certainly won’t turn the American coaching model on its head overnight, but we can do something in our communities. Soccer season starts soon. What are you and your fellow coaches doing to raise your own game? How are you preparing to be a better coach than you were last year? What if I told you there’s an opportunity a week from today that will allow you to improve your coaching skills, earn the ‘F’, license from the Missouri Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) and be able to work with a former U.S. National Soccer Team member? What would you pay for that opportunity? $75? $50? How about for free? Would you become a better coach for your kids if the opportunity to do so were free?

Great! Then, you need to register for the 2012 Coach It Right! Soccer Clinic. The event will take place on Thursday, August 2 from 6 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. inside the Simon Athletic Center on the campus of Maryville University. Former U.S. Soccer Team member and MYSA coaching director Denny Vaninger will be the instructor. Everyone who completes Coach Vaninger’s course that night will earn their ‘F’ license free of charge. If you went to any other clinic on your own, the license would cost you $40. The cost of your license is being covered by the Sports Commission. We are committed to improving the sports experience for young  people and part of that means making you a better coach.

You must register to attend the clinic and you may do so by clicking here. Our offer is limited to the first 150 coaches. Spaces and time are running out. So, make sure you and your coaches register today. Great teachers are also great learners. It’s time to go to school. Until next time…

Be a Good Sport!



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