The Sportsmanship Brigade wants YOU!

The Sportsmanship Brigade is one of the most successful programs we’ve ever had here at the St. Louis Sports Commission’s Sportsmanship Initiative. We have traveled all over the St. Louis area looking for those athletes, coaches, parents, fans and officials who exhibit good sportsmanship. I’m proud to report that the rumors of the death of sportsmanship have been greatly exaggerated. It doesn’t matter whether we were in Florissant, Affton, Chesterfield or Collinsville – sportsmanship is alive and well in the Gateway City.

That being said, the Brigade itself needs to grow. More and more organizations want us to come see the good things their kids are doing. This is proof our program is having an impact, but we can have a greater one. We need you and your friends to join the Sportsmanship Brigade. It’s not a huge time commitment. Most youth games we attend last no more than an hour. Baseball and softball games have a 90-minute time limit. You’re invited to join us for what I’m calling Brigade Basic Training. The event will take place on Thursday, July 12 at “The J” in Creve Coeur (2 Millstone Campus Dr.) beginning at 6 p.m. It will be a training sessiion for new volunteers like and a way to show appreciation for the volunteers who’ve been in the trenches since the beginning.

Did I mention food? Sorry, dinner will be served by Metabolic Meals – the premiere diet delivery company in the St. Louis area. Don’t worry, this is real food. Big Sol doesn’t do fru-fru. If you’ve attended our baseball or soccer clinics in the past, you are very familiar with Metabolic Meals. They’re the ones who came up with the Cuban-style red beans and rice for soccer and they made all of the muffins and pastries for baseball. The best part is they use ingredients that are all-natural, all-organic and low in carbohydrates. So, cancel your dinner plans and be prepared to spend a nice evening with us.

You’ll learn the purpose of the Sportsmanship Brigade and the Sportsmanship Initiative in general. We’ll also tell you what to expect during a visit and provide you with the materials necessary for you to be successful. All you need to bring is a good attitude and a desire to improve the St. Louis region. Our program is needed and appreciated. Let’s continue to do the right thing for young people. To register, just click here. It’s the volunteer registration page for the Brigade. For the sake of clarity, this is not a recruiting event. We are not trying to persuade anyone to join. We are thanking veteran Brigade members and welcoming new Brigade members. Sportsmanship is an action word and there is much to be done. In the words of a legendary St. Louis football coach, “It’s time to go to work!”

The Sportsmanship Brigade is a group of Sports Commission volunteers who attend youth sporting events looking for acts of good sportsmanship. Athletes, coaches, parents, fans and officials who exhibit good sportsmanship are rewarded with a certificate of recognition and a gift card to a local business. For more on the Brigade, including scheduling and volunteering information, please visit or call 314-345-5130. Until next time…

Be a Good Sport!



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