Discount Double Character

From L-R: Solomon Alexander, Jason Selk and Kerry Youngerman

The Des Peres (Mo.) NFL Flag Football league is in full swing and the Sportsmanship Brigade was out Saturday afternoon to see the league’s Packers and Chargers 9 to 11-year-old teams. While Aaron Rodgers and Phillip Rivers weren’t calling the signals, both teams played with a skill and attitude that would make both quarterbacks proud. The game itself included everything you would expect from a flag football game – pass, pass, and pass some more. However, both teams were pretty good at running some successful reverse plays as well. As a matter of fact, the compliments from Brigade members were heaped on the teams more so than any one individual player.

When this happens, credit always goes to the coaches. Teams take on the personality of their coaches. The Packers and Chargers are mirror-images of their coaches. Packers coach Jason Selk is a tremendous motivator and encouraged his offensive and defensive players alike. He showed just as much enthusiasm with a quarterback sack on defense as he did with an offensive touchdown. Chargers coach Kerry Youngerman was equal to the task as a supreme motivator and instructor. Even when his quarterback threw a key interception, Youngerman remained positive and prompted his player to go out and make the next play.
Both squads showed excellent sportsmanship and the Brigade saw fit to reward both coaches in recognition of their team’s attitudes. These kids are in very capable hands. The Sportsmanship Brigade is a group of Sports Commission volunteers who attend youth sporting events looking for acts of good sportsmanship. Athletes, coaches, parents and fans who exhibit good sportsmanship are rewarded with a certificate of recognition and a gift card to a local business. For more on the Brigade, including scheduling and volunteering information, please visit or call 314-345-5130. Until next time…

Be a Good Sport!



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