Super Weekend for Sportsmanship

From L-R: Solomon Alexander, Steve Newman, Rosie Newman, Jen Ramsey, Emma Kambol and Chris  Glosemeyer

This was a Super weekend of sportsmanship at the “The J” in Chesterfield and at Sacred Heart in Valley Park. Friday night, the Sportsmanship Brigade took in a 5th grade girls basketball match-up between the host Sacred Heart and Mary Queen of Peace. We couldn’t help but notice the coach of the Sacred Heart squad upon our arrival. It was none other than St. Louis sports talk radio legend Bob Ramsey.  Ramsey, his wife Jen, and Chris Glosemeyer do an outstanding job and they were particularly good on Friday night.

Not to be outdone was Mary Queen of Peace coach Steve Newman. He and Ramsey gave instructions to their respective teams without excessive yelling or other theatrics. Newman’s team played great defense without fouling and certainly did their school proud. So, it was pretty easy for the Brigade to reward the Sacred Heart coaching staff along with Coach Newman of Mary Queen of Peace.

Emma Kambol of Sacred Heart and Rosie Newman of Mary Queen of Peace were our award winners from the athletes’ side. Emma followed Ramsey’s instructions to the letter and showed tremendous hustle and determination. She is a definite inspiration to her teammates. Rosie Newman takes after her dad, Steve. On and off the court, she could be easily identified as her team’s vocal leader. Pats on the back and high-fives were a common occurrence from this stellar young lady.

From L-R: Andy Dalin, Solomon Alexander and Sam Winter

Saturday featured a 5th grade boys basketball game at “The J”. Teams at “The J” are identified by their coach’s names more so than the team nickname. We quickly found that every other team in the league with red uniforms is nicknamed the Heat. Last names made things a lot easier. The “Benes” team  was coached by former St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Alan Benes and the “Krazier” team was coached by 18-year-old Andy Dalin and 16-year-old Sam Winter. Dalin and Winter showed maturity beyond their years when it came to game management and character.

Dalin and Winter had their 11-year-olds’ full attention during the game. They talked to each kid with respect and could be seen encouraging them regardless of the outcome of a play. We spent a good portion of the game looking for someone older on the Krazier bench. These coaches are kids themselves. Surely, they couldn’t be doing this alone. I’m happy to report that we were wrong. Dalin and Winter are excellent coaches and that 5th grade team is in good hands. Rewarding the two of them was the easiest choice the Brigade has made thus far.

The Sportsmanship Brigade is a group of Sports Commission volunteers who attend youth sporting events looking for acts of good sportsmanship. Athletes, coaches, parents and fans who exhibit good sportsmanship are rewarded with a certificate of recognition and a gift card to a local business. For more on the Brigade, including scheduling and volunteering information, please visit or call 314-345-5130. Until next time…

Be a Good Sport!



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