Baseball for coaches, Wrestling for kids

I’m usually fine to discuss current sportsmanship issues, but let’s take a time out from talking today.  I want you to do something – actually two things.  Below, you’ll find descriptions of two events we have coming up that are free and just for you and your kids. Register today and after you sign up, be sure to tell a friend. Until next time..

Be Good Sport!


Click here to register now for the Coach It Right! Baseball Clnic
Youth Clinic
Tuesday, March 13 from 5:30-8:30 p.m.
Aspiring wrestlers ages 10-16 can learn from top student-athletes and coaches, and experience what it’s like to be on wrestling’s biggest stage. The free clinic is hosted by the St. Louis Sports Commission and the University of Missouri. 
At the clinic, participants will learn wrestling skills, conditioning tips and the importance of practicing good sportsmanship. All of the action takes place on the same mats where NCAA wrestlers will compete for a national title. Parents will participate in a free panel discussion featuring local experts discussing sportsmanship, nutrition, coaching and injury prevention. 
The clinic connects to the Sports Commission’s Sportsmanship Initiative, which creates positive environments for kids to play sports so they remain active and lead healthier, happier lives. Through several innovative platforms the initiative reaches out to young people to encourage respect, civility, selflessness and integrity. To register your child, click here or call (314) 345-5130.

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