Holy Trinity keeps the play in playoffs

Big Sol with Holy Trinity. Spurlock is #20.

The Sportsmanship Brigade recognized McKenzie Spurlock of Holy Trinity in St. Louis on Saturday. Spurlock’s 7th grade volleyball team took on St. Bridget in the Catholic Youth Council (CYC) quarterfinals.  Brigade members have witnessed several great acts of sportsmanship during this volleyball season, but never with this much on the line. This is the playoffs. How would players act if a call went the wrong way or the score got out of hand? Well, McKenzie Spurlock showed us that good sportsmanship never takes a break and great players can have great attitudes. Holy Trinity and St. Bridget played three spirited sets and it was close throughout. Neither team lost its cool, but Spurlock stood out as she treated the game as if it were a family outing in the park.

She did everything she could to help her team win and she was having fun doing it. Spurlock encouraged her team on the court and continued even when she was on the bench. This is the type of attitude we want our kids to display: Play hard. Play to win. Play with respect. Play for fun. The word play is a key element here. Whenever you play anything, it’s supposed to be fun. By the way, Holy Trinity did advance to the semifinals. Don’t know how they played, but I’m sure they had a blast. Until next time…
Be a Good Sport!

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