Tweets about #Sportsmanship

Instead of posting a handful of sportsmanship stories on Page 2 and doing a single story here, I’ve decided to reverse the order. LZ Granderson of wrote a stirring piece about how parents should be ever-vigilant in protecting their kids. His article is in response to the current Penn State scandal. Check it out. It’s certainly an eye-opener.
The stories normally reserved for Page 2 get moved to the front page because of Twitter. Whenever I post on this blog, the title and link to the post appear as a tweet on the social networking website. Some of my followers decided to retweet the messages. A retweet (RT) is the ultimate sign of respect in the Twitterverse. A retweet means that what you posted was so informative, cool, or funny that someone had to tell everyone they know what you said. We need that in our sportsmanship world. The message needs to be repeated and retweeted over and over. Here are the top three rewteets from earlier in the week. All the links shown are safe and will take you back to this blog. By the way, you can follow me on Twitter @TheRealBigSol
kbu22: @TheRealBigSol Best reflection I’ve read yet regarding #PennState Sportsmanship: Penn State: A lesson in integrity

gobearsemily: RT @jbmthinks: okay, this coach did a really dumb thing…not a good idea… @TheRealBigSol < What was he thinking?

scoresstlouis: @TheRealBigSol , thank you for honoring our poet-athletes with a sportsmanship award yesterday!

Until next time…

Be a Good Sport!



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