Free Friday – Name Those Rams

The NFL lockout has now extended into July and fans are getting nervous. Well, I like to keep an upbeat attitude and nothing lifts the spirits more than the National Sportsmanship Awards. It’s the night where we celebrate all that’s right in sports (shameless plug). Here in St. Louis, we love our Rams. Nothing brings a smile to the face of a Rams fan more than the 1999 season. It was the year we caught lightning in a bottle, flipped a two-headed coin, and H-E double hockey sticks officially froze over. Ah, yes – I remember like it was yesterday. The Catch. The Tackle. The Smoke. Yes, the smoke. Seriously, the Georgia Dome looked like an old tavern after all the fireworks went off. But I digress, this Free Friday is for the Rams fan in you.

In the history of the National Sportsmanship Awards, six St. Louis Rams players have been recognized for their impeccable character and sportsmanship. These men are winners on and off the field. That being said, there are two who rose above all others and are the subject of today’s Free Friday trivia question. Who are the only two players in history to have won a Super Bowl ring with the Rams and a National Sportsmanship Award? Click here to go to the website and view all of our past winners (Hint: The answer’s on that page). Please post your answer in the comment section of this page. A winner will be chosen at random at 5 p.m. today. You’ll receive a free $20 gas card from Quik Trip. Good sportsmanship always pays. Have a happy and safe holiday weekend.  Until next time…

Be a Good Sport!



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