Coaches showed out while kids showed character

The picture you see above is of school safety officers in Queens, N.Y. having to remove coaches from the field after a disputed call.  Campus Magnet High School took on Boys and Girls High School in a prep football game over the weekend.  Campus Magnet scored a touchdown late in the fourth quarter, giving them a 14-6 lead.  They decided to try a 2-point conversion in hopes of putting the game out of reach.  On the ensuing play, referees did not make an immediate decision on the conversion attempt.  The referees then had a short conference and ultimately ruled the runner had indeed crossed the goal line.  Campus Magnet now had a 16-6 lead with less than four minutes to go in the game.

Head coach Barry O’Connor and the rest of the Boys and Girls staff charged the field.  After several minutes of arguing, school safety officers intervened and removed the coaches.  O’Connor and his staff were ejected from the game and the contest was called to a halt with 3:49 remaining.  But wait, there’s more.  As the teams left the field, Boys and Girls assistant coach William Miller decided he’d had enough of being heckled by Campus Magnet fans.  The volunteer assistant dropped his pants and revealed his backside to the fans.

Look at the picture again. There are coaches, referees, and officers, but no students.  The kids actually displayed better sportsmanship than any of their coaches.  Not one player ran onto the field or got involved in the post-game embarrassment.  Remember that good sportsmanship starts with adults.  We must model the behavior we want our kids to display.  Thankfully, the kids in this instance learned good sportsmanship from someone other than their coaches.  These young people know that losing your self-respect is a far greater defeat than losing a game.  Let’s take heed of their example and act accordingly.  Until next time…

Be a Good Sport!



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