Taste of the NFL feeds the hungry and builds character

This picture is from my first Taste of the NFL event in 2008. From left to right there’s me, Chris Draft, Will Witherspoon, Oshiomogho Atogwe, and Chris Chamberlain. I like the photo because there’s nothing phony or staged about it. I was in the middle of four St. Louis Rams players talking about the importance of character and sportsmanship – and they were all ears. As a matter of fact, the Rams are a huge proponent of character education. Head coach Steve Spagnuolo’s philosophy centers on the four pillars of faith, character, core values, and team. His players wear that philosophy on their sleeves.

Last night’s Taste of the NFL benefited the St. Louis Area Foodbank and the St. Louis Sports Commission’s Sportsmanship Initiative. Local restaurants provided the food. Rams fans provided the atmosphere. And it was Monday night, so football was on at least three screens. You really couldn’t beat it. The Rams realize that nutritious meals keep kids in the game and good sportsmanship keeps them on the field. Show your support for St. Louis’ home team by clicking on our link to take advantage of the free programming available to you and your organization. Special thanks to event chairman Chris Long and Rams Executive Vice President Kevin Demoff for their generosity and commitment to the St. Louis region. Until next time…

Be a Good Sport!



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