K-Rod struck himself out

New York Mets relief pitcher Francisco “K-Rod” Rodriguez may have ruined his career. The veteran reliever got into a fight with his girlfriend’s father last week. Rodriguez was charged with third-degree assault and was suspended for two days by the team. While fans and media members debated whether or not the Mets and MLB were doing enough to address the situation, something worse happened.

Doctors discovered he had torn a ligament in his pitching hand. Mets manager Jerry Manuel confirmed the injury was a result of the fight and Rodriguez would not pitch again this season. The Mets are now seeking to void the remainder of his contract. He is still owed roughly $2 million this season, $11.5 million next year, and has a club option for $12 million in 2012. If the victim decides to sue as well, Rodriguez’s punches may be worth more money than Floyd Mayweather’s.

All kidding aside, this case shows how you can be your own worst enemy. Fighting your girlfriend’s father is a sign of disrespect to everyone you know. Regardless of culture or upbringing, respect for one’s elders is a standard held worldwide. I’m sure Rodriguez was not thinking about ending his career as he was swinging, but he should have. I know people do things to upset us everyday, but negative actions bring negative consequences. I have yet to see a problem between two people solved with fists. Look before you leap. Think before you act. Use your feet before your hands – for it is better to walk out than be carried out. Until next time…

Be a Good Sport!


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