Pass / Fail

I liked the tests I had in school. As a self-professed nerd, the prospect of getting an ‘A’ for a job well-done appealed to me. School also has several safety nets. There are four more grades available before you actually fail. Such is not the case in life. Sometimes the answer is just right or wrong. Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young was in a situation over the weekend where he had to choose. Unfortunately, he chose wrong.

Young got into a fight with another man in a Dallas strip club. What were the circumstances? I don’t know. Was Young just defending himself? I can’t help you there either. What I do know is that Young was in a situation where he clearly had more to lose than the man he fought. Maturity and self-control were necessary under the circumstances. This is what we must teach our kids. Others will test you. Maybe someone will insult your parents or your girlfriend. Another will take issue with your religious beliefs, skin color, or your school.

Don’t take the bait. Take me for example. I’m of the Christian faith, African-American, married, and I’m a father. A person with a negative attitude toward me could find a button to push. When those tests come up, I ask myself this question, “What will my family do without me?” For just about anyone reading this blog, the answer can’t be positive. So, if and when you are confronted with a situation similar to Vince Young ask yourself the question and act accordingly. Until next time…

Be a Good Sport!


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