‘Money’ Talks

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is the best fighter in the world. Anyone who knows me knows making that statement for me is like drinking castor oil. As a boxing fan, I am anti-Mayweather. My main reason for watching his fights is to see if and when someone will put a left hook on his chin and make change out of ‘Money’ Mayweather. That day has not come yet and it may never come. ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley is my favorite fighter and has been for the last dozen years. I like fighters with knockout power and Mosley throws hammers with both hands.

Unfortunately, he fell short on Saturday night as 40 others have before him. Just in case you were wondering why I’m not a fan of Mayweather, the answer is quite simple. He has a big mouth. He talks incessantly about himself. I often wonder how a man so small (5’7, 145 lbs.) can talk so much. He couldn’t possibly have that much lung capacity. Mayweather’s mouth, not his boxing skill, may be his best weapon. Amidst all the talk of his 41-0 record and being the greatest fighter of all time, Mayweather shouts from the rooftops about performance-enhancing drugs.

Earlier this year, Mayweather was on a collision course with Manny Pacquiao. The mega-fight was going to be held at the new Cowboys Stadium (a.k.a. Jerry World). Several reports estimated each fighter making upwards of $40 million. Negotiations fell apart because the two sides could not agree on drug testing protocol. Mayweather wants random urine and blood testing per the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency. Pacquiao agreed to use the same agencies that the NFL and MLB use, but without the random testing element. Mayweather feels that without the strictest of testing protocols, fighters are always at risk.

He’s absolutely right. There were hearings held and reports written about steroids in baseball. Sports talk radio didn’t have to do show-prep for months. Asterisks were everywhere. While there is debate about whether or not steroids can help you hit a baseball, there is no denying the benefit to a prize-fighter. A stronger man punches harder. A faster man doesn’t get hit as much. The danger posed by a fighter using performance-enhancing drugs to a natural fighter can be career and even life-threatening. The coming weeks and months will show whether or not the biggest fight of all time will also be the cleanest fight of all time. I, for one, will be in Mayweather’s corner. Until next time…

Be a Good Sport!


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